In 2002, Bee joined Shanghai Shining. In 2005, he became the technical director of Chifeng Headquarters, Shanghai Shining Group. In 2010, he was appointed to be the branch manager of Hongqiao Branch of Shanghai Shining. In 2014, he became the technical director of Chifeng Headquarters of Shanghai Shining Group.

The senatorial rank elite, with a wide range of hobbies, he pays attention to the improvement of personal art cultivation outside the industry. After more than ten years of work, due to his solid aesthetic foundation and accumulation of architectural and landscape knowledge, he has his own set of drawing techniques accumulated over the years, and many well-known domestic and foreign design institutions and firms have maintained long-term and extensive cooperation with him, achieved win-win cooperation in the field of technology, and he always maintained the leading technical level in China. Many excellent new forces have been cultivated for many years.