Shanghai Shining Digital Image Co., Ltd was established in 1998 by Ray, Shining comes near to Shanghai Tongji University and Fudan University and mainly provides services for architectural design and real estate development clients, which mainly includes renderings, 3D animation and multi-media fields. By 2007, the company has been expanded from 10 to 120 people. Shining has six subsidiaries throughout China and offices in Germany, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. In 2011, he reorganized its system and established Shanghai Shining Visual Technology Co., Ltd, he served as the CEO of Shining Visual Technology Co., Ltd at this year.Shanghai Shining Digital Image Co., Ltd owns multi-brand strategies, including digital image, BIM consulting, EVON Design, urban renewal, SHINING Exhibition and CHUAN PU Network Technology, etc. It provides clients with originality, planning, design and visual services.  The company has more than 200 staffs till now.

With keen international vision and market strategies, the brand SNT was promoted by him in 2018. The brand owns the best project managers of Shining, mainly provide services for the top design agencies home and abroad. The brand is committed to pursuing more perfect services and creation.