In 2009, Yuk joined Shanghai Shining. In 2012, he became specific duty account manager of the company's technology R&D team. In 2015, he participated in the establishment and maintenance of overseas high-end group. In 2018, he established domestic and overseas sales team, mainly responsible for coordinating projects and co-work maintenance of customer and technical teams.

Established good cooperative relationships with famous domestic and foreign design companies, like Aedas, Benoy, Atkins, Sasaki, etc., he accumulated rich experience in projects cooperation.

Developed cooperative business process mechanism, he ensure the clarity of business and the confidence of customers in the premise of insisting on the rationalization of the project coordination process. At the same time, he lead professional account manager to follow up each project and realize one-to-one service for project cooperation. And collect customer feedback on a regular basis, sort out and discuss with team members in depth, let the team achieve rational iterative growth.