In 2007, Ken joined Shanghai Shining Digital Image Co., Ltd. In 2008, he was appointed as the artistic director of the subsidiary office for Shining. In 2011, he became the technical director of Shining Group Headquarter. In 2015, he became the product manager of Shanghai Shining Group Headquarter. In 2017, he was promoted as the director of operations of Shanghai Shining Digital Image.

At the same time, with rich technology and management experience, he developed a training system for technical talents, helped to develop a technical management system, cultivated a unique design resource manager shiningtag for the company, and participated in the R&D of Aku plug-in, which ranked the first in the industry for it owning many users, also enabled him to apply the industry's excellent application and creative concept into services. He helped cultivate a group of project managers with excellent technical and creative experience to serve famous design institutions home and abroad.